How to Make Sports Betting Work For You

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How to Make Sports Betting Work For You

Is Online Sports Betting legal in Florida? This question requires a two-step answer. The first step is to declare that it’s not illegal to place bets on games in the State of Florida. This is illegal because Florida doesn’t license or author anyone to be online sports betting broker in the State. However, online sports betting is still illegal in many other ways.

The second step is to provide the courts with concrete evidence of fraud or illegal activity on the part of any online betting broker. This evidence must be able to establish the existence of a substantial risk to a community of Florida residents and must be established beyond a reasonable doubt. Florida is one of the few states where you don’t need a lawyer to make legal sports betting bets. That’s why some of the state judges refuse to take the argument of online gambling against the casinos.

But this argument won’t go away. It’s a losing proposition for the Florida residents. Why? You see, the state of Florida has an interest in protecting Florida residents from harm and injury. That interest trumps the financial interest of online gambling companies. Hence, the state of Florida continues to enforce its anti-gambling laws even though it has no real control over the offshore sports betting sites that are sprouting like mushrooms all over America.

So, is it safe for the Florida residents to bet on football games, basketball games, baseball games, or football matches online? In short, yes. Here’s why:

I. The Law: Gambling, as it pertains to online sports betting, is strictly illegal in the state of Florida, unless you’re a licensed sports agent. So, if you’re from Florida, and you want to place a bet on a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, you better have some connections with a licensed sports agent. Otherwise, you might as well just head down to your local bookie (who should have a license from the state). But again, if you’re from Florida, and you want to place a bet on a football game, you better have some direct connections with the person who actually owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

II. Where To Watch Sports Betting On TV: Yes, there are online sports betting websites out there, but you really should not ever rely your entirely on them. These sports betting websites operate just like the ones that you find in your newspaper, only they operate online. Their odds are really quite poor, and so the chance of them paying off on your bet is pretty much nil.

III. What Games Are Available To Bet On: The problem with most online sports betting sites is that they simply don’t offer a lot of sports events to wager on. Sure, you can bet on college basketball games, NFL games, and maybe international soccer tournaments, but there’s a pretty big difference there.

IV. The Best Time Of Day To Place A Sports Bet: Well, there’s no hard and fast rule here. Different sports have different odds, of course. Some are more likely to be well on a certain day than others. However, generally speaking, the sports betting pros advise that you should be betting on the game you think has the best odds, whether that game is in regulation or college football, at approximately the same time every day.

V. Where To Bet: One thing many sports betting aficionados seem to have a problem with is where they should actually be placing their bets. Odds makers and bookies love a good bettor, who keeps coming back, to make sure they’re giving them the money for their bets. For this reason, you want to go into each bet with your eyes wide open.

VI. What To Do If You Lose: It doesn’t matter how smart and experienced you are at sports betting, if you lose more than you win. There is just no way to win all the time. You have to learn how to lose sometimes, and more importantly, when you need to. It’s all part of the learning experience.

This article should have given you some good ideas for starting and changing up your betting habits. If you stick with it, you’ll soon start seeing money flowing in from sports bets that you’ve placed. Remember though, to never place too much money in a sports bet. The goal is to see your wager cover, not lose all the way.